Bidstream Media enjoys partnerships with many of the world’s largest and most reputable programmatic ad buying companies.  

Our demand stack, powered by our precision-built platform Bidstream Amplitude, has been purposefully customized with maximum power and speed to compete head-to-head — and then out-perform — the auction technologies of even the largest and most well-known platforms in the industry.  This allows Bidstream Media to offer publishers higher eCPMs and fill rates than what they can otherwise obtain elsewhere. We commonly put our money where our mouth is, and buy publisher inventory outright with 20% minimum CPM increases and 100% fill, guaranteed.


Bidstream Media’s business model is “all in” relative to the programmatic / real-time-bidding (RTB) marketplace.  We help publishers continue their transition to programmatic strategies and technologies. And for those publishers that are already fully committed to the programmatic ecosystem, we help them maximize their efforts and uncover new opportunities. 

We help publishers navigate the confusion, lead you to leading-edge vendors in the space, and cut through the ever-present over-promises in the market, enabling publishers to invest wisely in terms of ad tech and in terms of their own organization’s valuable bandwidth.


Bidstream Media will take a comprehensive look at your web properties and/or apps, to help identify the inventory segments that are being under-monetized, and develop strategies to increase revenue. 

The process includes analyzing your current ad tech platform(s), your supply segmentation, and your demand partners. We then offer solutions to either optimize your current supply in conjunction with your demand stack, or recommend alternative and creative solutions that are more efficient and effective, making a direct and measurable revenue impact. Our depth of experience includes display, video, and audio advertising, across all environments including desktop, mobile, and connected television (CTV)